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Welcome to Prairie Schooner Press


Prairie Schooner Press was established in 2023 by Tyler and Brandi Harrington with the desire to publish medically necessary children's picture books.


PSP believes:

  • Every child should be represented in children's literature

  • Parents should have access to children's books that will foster understanding and acceptance

  • Communities benefit from education and knowledge

Current & Upcoming Projects

How we got our name:

In 2020, during COVID, our family made the difficult decision to homeschool our three children. We were greatly surprised by how much we all loved it. Shortly after making this decision, we purchased a used Sprinter van. The previous owners had outfitted the van very nicely with sleeping arrangements for their family five. With schools shut down, we took well to homeschooling which quickly turned into "road school." On one particular road trip in "Sprinty," we were doing what we all love best on a long trip--reading a book out loud. We happened to be reading about the Oregon Trail. The book described in great detail the effort taken to preserve the covered wagon--the prairie schooner-- because the wagon was one of the most valuable possessions. Our children were struggling to understand what a prairie schooner actually was. We quickly made the analogy that our Sprinter van was a modern version of a prairie schooner. Shortly after that conversation, "Sprinty" is now lovely called our prairie schooner.


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