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About The Author

The Family Harrington

Brandi Harrington is a dedicated wife, mother of three children, and teaches management courses full-time at a local university. She is a bubbly extrovert whose passion for people and love of God is contagious. She enjoys sipping coffee and adventuring with her family in their converted Sprinter van.


Her youngest child was diagnosed with focal seizures and cerebral palsy at age 3 ½ as a result of a lung mass at birth. It has become her passion to write children's stories and speak at local events to help other families navigate similar diagnoses.

My Story:
How I came to write...

When our son was born seven weeks early via an emergency C-section, he was given a horrifying 1% chance of survival.  When they cut the umbilical cord, he turned blue immediately. He struggled to breathe and the swelling in his body restricted his blood flow. Seattle Children’s was his only hope, so....

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