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Author's Book Collection

Help these books become a reality by donating to help fund the books to publication. Funds exceeding project expenses will be used to donate books to local families and clinics.




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C&C cover final first book

Charlie & Chase

Understanding My Brother's Disability

Written by: Brandi Harrington

Illustrated by: Leighanna Martin

Join Charlie as he shares his feelings about having a brother with a disability while discovering his significance within the family. Uncover the life-changing lessons that Charlie learns along the way.

Hazel Cover

YIKES! My Mom Is on Bed Rest

Written by: Brandi Harrington

Illustrated by: Shiela Alejandro

Hazel is excited to become a big sister. However, her pregnant mom is put on bed rest. Can Hazel and Mom still play together? Will Hazel’s brother be okay? Join Hazel as she learns how much fun bed rest can be and just how much she can help her family.


Wiggles and Shakes:

Bennett Learns about Epilepsy

Written by: Brandi Harrington

Illustrated by: Leighanna Martin

Bennett discovers he can’t control his body after he unsuccessfully tries to turn a doorknob and complete a puzzle. The doctor says Bennett will need some testing to figure out what is going on. He discovers he has seizures, a form of epilepsy.

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